Anthem to the Liberator Gral. San Martin


hymn to san martin

Anthem to General San Martin (Letter)

The Ande rises its highest peak,
Give the sea the metal of your voice,
and between eternal skies and snow
the throne of the Liberator rises.

Sound clear trumpets of glory
and raise a triumphal hymn,
that the light of history agiganta
the figure of the Great Captain.

August Father of the Argentine people,
great hero of freedom!
In his shadow the country grows
in virtue, in work and in peace.

San Martin! San Martin! That your name,
honor and prez of the peoples of the South,
always ensure the directions
of the Fatherland that illuminates your light.

From the lands of Plata to Mendoza,
from Santiago to the Gentile Lima,
was planting laurels on the route
at his triumphal step San Martin.

San Martin, the lord in the war,
by secret design of God,
great was when the sun shone on it,
and bigger at sunset.

Music: Arturo Luzzatt
Letter: Segundo M. ArgaraƱaz



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