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The impressive and diverse natural environment of Argentina of lush forests, the amazing wildlife and the landscapes of mountains and glaciers offers tourists the exceptional opportunity to participate in a huge variety of activities. The adventures bloom in the impressive Andes and in the peaceful and beautiful area of ​​the lake. Emotions can also be experienced from the most exciting kayak to the adventures of fishing and sailing. Ballooning is also a popular sport activity among tourists. Argentina It presents a wide variety of outdoor activities to experience and enjoy.

What does Argentina have to offer tourists?

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Since Argentina is a large country with different geographical areas, it has much to offer tourists. Buenos Aires and its province, is located in the Pampean region. It is the impressive and huge agricultural heart of Argentina. Generally, tourists who travel to Argentina base their tourism operations from Buenos Aires. From here, visitors travel through the northeastern provinces towards the Iguazu Falls. It is an area formed by humid lowland forests. Then, the tourists travel through the highlands to the savannas that continue in the Chaco.

The Andean northwest and Cuyo offer visitors an exceptional view of the Andean peaks, the high puna (cold savannah) and the salt lakes (salt lakes) with a wide variety of climates. The climates range from cold and dry to subtropical.

After Buenos Aires, the most popular destination for tourists is Patagonia. This region is subdivided again into three key zones: the Southern Lakes District, the Central Provinces and the Southern Region.

Patagonia with Tierra del Fuego and its main city, Ushuaia. It is the entrance to the Strait of Magellan, Cape Horn and Antarctica. Each state offers varied tours, which can be merged into a complete Argentine experience.

One of the most attractive regions of the country due to its diversity of colors and landscape is the northwest region. Different people have colonized it in the past. This is evident by its influence on a series of archaeological sites.

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