Buenos Aires, Visit Avenida 9 de Julio is a must


Argentina Among the countries of Latin America, there are more attractions, both natural and historical, as well as infrastructure and culture, and one of the symbols of Buenos Aires is the Avenue July 9.

But of all the cities that Argentina has, there is one that especially has more tourism since everything it has and that is Buenos Aires.

The Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, It is one of its most important cities and there are more things to look at, both natural and the city's infrastructure, and it is precisely the latter that you are going to talk about.

The Buenos aires city It has one of the most famous works in public infrastructure in the world and even had its place in the famous book of l0s Record Guinness.

This avenue already has some Aprils of antiquity, it was planned in the year of 1889 by Francisco Seeber The idea is to implement an avenue that outlines the indispensable artery in the city and that will cross from the extreme north to the extreme south of the city without the need to use alternative avenues.

However, this avenue was not an easy job, on the contrary, the planning and construction of the mismita took many abriles, so much so that some presidents were involved in the process of its construction.

To carry out the construction of this avenue, it was necessary to wait for the approval of the law N. 8 855 that gave authorization to the municipality of the city to be able to build the avenue between the colonies that were alternatives to the site from where it was planned to build .

Since some bureaucratic processes that had to be fulfilled and that did not allow the construction of the road to continue with its standard course, this caused the Avenue 9 of July could begin until the year 1937.

A July 9, 1916 had the independence of Argentinand that is why this primordial avenue has been called something so historic for Argentines.

This avenue symbolizes a must visit for anyone wanting to know the most primordial and representative of the city.

Since the 9 de Julio Avenue was inaugurated in the year of 1937, We came to consider the widest avenue in the world for some very important qualifiers.

Even the famous book of l0s Record Guinness had it among its pages c0m0 the widest avenue in the world until 2006.

Well after this date, the Guinness book gave the award to the Monumental Axis of Brasilia that had been made since 1960.

There are many opposing opinions to this avenue, because what we find in Brasilia It has a width of 250 m but according to the statistical glossary of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Growth.

The one we find in Brasilia does not have the requisites of being an avenue because it is separated by a large tract of land between each side of the highway.

Which is not the case on July 9, since all its construction is based on having both sides together with 5 lanes each.

For what we could say that although the award is now owned by Monumental axis of Brasilia, the # un0 of the world will always be the Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires that is 140 m wide.

  • Walk to t0d0 along Avenue July 9 offers to know the most important sites in Buenos Aires, c0m0 such is the case of Teatro de Col√≥n or the Obelisk, and to this previous one you have to make a phenomenal mention.

The obelisk It was one of the historical monuments that saw the 9 de Julio Avenue grow, it is valued one of the most representative postcard symbols in Buenos Aires and one of the most amazing.

For it has an elevation of more than 67 m and a total weight of 1 800 tons.

This only indicates that it is a very simple monument to visualize at long distances.

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