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The fax has evolved,

We can get rid of our fax machines and start using a better and faster form of communication. I mean the Gmail fax or the ability to send a fax using your Gmail address. This is a technology that can be achieved by all types of companies and even by individual professionals given its low startup cost. Here you will learn about the greatest benefits of the integration of this technology.

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To start with sending Gmail faxes, you need the help of a email fax service. They give you a virtual fax number that will be attached to your Gmail address, so all incoming faxes will automatically arrive in your inbox. Although these services work with other types of email providers, demanding Gmail is the best alternative, since Google not only offers excellent classification and classification functions, but also gives you access to Google Drive, where you can start faxes and even retrieve documents to send them directly by fax. cloud.

You will be provided with a fax number when you create an account with a service, which is offered for free as part of the service. Since this is a digital number, it is ready to be used immediately without the need for complicated installations and physical configurations. You can choose between a local number and a toll-free number when registering with a service. The choice will depend on the availability of numbers in your area.

Digital technology opens up new possibilities in the field of fax

There are new features that the machines simply could not integrate. Take for example programming; Now you can schedule faxes for later in a very simple process in your web control panel. This can be extremely useful if you need to be away from your computer or office, and can not stay to send a fax.

There is also the possibility of "transmitting" a fax, which means that you can send a fax document to several recipients at the same time, without having to waste time. The process is the same as sending a common email to several people. Simply add all the numbers in the CC field of your email fax and everyone will receive your fax. In the past, I had to spend a lot of time on the machine or hire a service that did it for you.

It can be easily integrated with your phone

One of the features I like most about Gmail faxes is that it can be easily integrated with your phone. Today, services have begun to develop mobile applications that can help you enjoy basic fax functions while traveling. Receive instant notifications of incoming faxes, and then you can view or forward them. Faxes can be signed electronically and you can even write new ones by taking a photo of a paper or other document with your phone. There are iPhone applications that you can also use on your iPad, as well as applications for Blackberry and Android-based devices.

The Gmail fax puts the future of communications in your hands. This is a reliable and 100% secure technology.

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