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In the Argentine Republic he was enthroned as a hero by liberal historiography. The day of his death, September 11, is commemorated with a school holiday, act and even a hymn dedicated to him. His thought is well known in terms of the positive as his famous phrase "educate the sovereign"; or his speeches in the National Congress when he asked for greater investments for the laying of railroads and telegraphs. However, there is a part of this character that has been systematically hidden. Excerpts from some of his innumerable writings are presented to draw back the veil of lies …

  • The Argentine gaucho: "We are talking about gauchos … The struggle has given account of them, of all that rabble of lazy people. Do not try to economize blood of gauchos. This is a subscription that must be made useful to the country. The blood of this uncivil Creole, barbarous and rude, is the only thing they have of human beings. " Letter from Sarmiento a Miter on 09/20/1861.
  • The popular mass: "I have a hatred for popular barbarism … The rabble and the gaucho people are hostile to us … As long as there is a chiripa there will not be citizens, are the masses the only source of power and legitimacy? The poncho, the chiripa and the ranch are of wild origin and form a division between the educated city and the people, causing Christians to degrade … You will have the glory of establishing throughout the Republic the power of the educated class annihilating the uprising of the masses. " Letter from Sarmiento a Miter on 09/24/1861.
  • Orphans: "If the poor of the hospitals, of the asylums of beggars and of the houses of orphans are to die, let them die: because the State does not have charity, it has no soul. The beggar is an insect, like the ant. Collect the waste. So it is useful without needing to be given money. What does it matter that the State lets die who can not live because of their faults ?. Orphans are the last beings in society, children of vicious parents, they should not be given more than to eat. " From the speech in the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires, 09/13/1859.
  • Patriotic Massacre: "We need to enter the nation by force; the war if necessary "(1861). "The rebels will be all hanged, officers and soldiers, in whatever number they are" (1866). "It is necessary to use terror to succeed. All prisoners and all enemies must be killed. All means of action are good and should be used without hesitation, imitating the Jacobins of the time of Robespierre "(1844). "The invasion of the Falklands by the English is useful for civilization and progress", El Progreso, 12/28/1842. In the 4th volume, p. 12 of his complete works laments the defeat of the English when they invaded us.
  • Patagonia: "I have contributed with my writings, strongly advising the Chilean government to take that step … The Argentine government, deceived by a false glory, provokes an idle question that does not deserve to change two notes. For Buenos Aires such possession is useless. Magallanes belongs to Chile and, perhaps, all of Patagonia … I can not think, after my demonstrations, how the government of Buenos Aires dares to support or even mention their rights. No shadow or pretext for controversy remains. " El Progreso, November 11-28, 1842 and "La Crónica", 03/11/1849, 04/08/1849 and 04/29/1849. "It is a desert land, frigid and useless. It's not worth spending a barrel of gunpowder in your defense. Why insist on carrying out a nominal occupation? " "El Nacional", 07/19/1878.
  • The Paraguayan People: "We are about to doubt that Paraguay exists. Descendants of Guarani races, wild Indians and slaves who act instinctively for lack of reason. In them the primitive and colonial barbarism is perpetuated. They are ignorant dogs of which one hundred and fifty thousand have already died. His advance, captained by degenerate descendants of Spaniards, would bring the arrest of all progress and a retreat to barbarism … The frantic, idiotic, brutal and ferocious drunk Solano Lopez is accompanied by thousands of animals who obey him and die of fear. It is providential that a tyrant has killed all that Guaraní people. It was necessary to purge the earth of all that human excrescence: lost race whose contagion must be freed. " Letter to Miter of 1872.
  • The indigenous: "Will we be able to exterminate the Indians? For the savages of America I feel an invincible disgust without being able to remedy it. That is no more than disgusting Indians whom I would send hanging if they reappeared. Lautaro and Caupolican are lousy Indians, because that's the way they all are. Unable to progress. His extermination is providential and useful, sublime and great. They must be exterminated without even forgiving the little one, who already has the instinctive hatred of civilized man. " "El Progreso", 09/27/1844, "El Nacional", 5/19/1887, 11/25/1876 and 8/2/1879.
  • Patriotism: "Argentines living in Chile lose their nationality since today. Chile is our beloved homeland. For Chile we must live. In this new condition all old national affections must be drowned. " "El Progreso", 11/1/1843.
  • Artigas: "Artigas is a bandit, a terrorist tartar. Head of bandits, robber, smuggler, hardened in robbery, uncivil, strange to every feeling of patriotism, famous vandal, ignorant, rude, monster, thirsty for pillage, dirty and bloody idol with chiripá. That savage animal that enchalecaba men with fresh leather carries by inseparable entourage the slaughter and devastation. Complete Works, volume 17, p. 87 and 92; volume 15, pages. 348 and 349 and volume 38, p. 280
  • Religion: "Franklin in moral advances on the morality of Jesus Christ" (01/01/1886). "The friars and nuns take over education to brutalize our children … Ignorant by principles, fanatics who kill civilization, migrant conspirators and women's caucuses; European garbage, are the philoxeta and the black thistle of the pampa, damaging grass that must be extirpated ". February of 1883.
  • Democracy: "The death of Benavidez is holy action on a notorious evil. God be praised. "" El Nacional ", 10/28/1859. "In the provinces live bipedal animals of such a perverse condition that I do not know what is obtained by treating them better". Report to Miter of 1863.

We can also read his book "Conflicts and Harmonies of Races in America" ​​which is also part of volume 38 of his Complete Works. And if we read "Facundo" ?.

There is also more in the book "Rosas", by Raúl Rivanera Carlés, Bs. As., Editorial Liding S. A., 1979.

With respect to Freemasonry, it is widely known by historians and those dedicated to Political Science what it really is. It is an organization that tries to dominate the world for its own benefit, not for the good of society. All the people who from our past were part of their ranks are known; it is enough to name (as an example) the arrangement that was made in the battle of Pavón and the notes of gratitude for the services rendered to Urquiza and Miter in such circumstances.

Finally, it is not my intention to expand on such topics; It's disgusting. What happens is that reality has always been hidden so that we do not know what the political motives that formed our country really are and thus have an ignorant people. If we are guided by the story of Miter and all his followers, then we will not know the truth because the ex-president knowingly lied and never relied on documents (he did it to justify his policy).

I will not deny that they also did positive things … but let's say the whole truth, that the people know where we come from and how those who have it manage to continue perpetuating themselves in power.

Some questions can serve to know certain truths hidden from our past …

Is it true that during the presidency of Miter the army that was in charge of finishing with the caudillos killed all the inhabitants of the towns of the interior through which it passed? For such work, mercenaries from neighboring countries were hired because the Argentine army refused To do it?.

In the War of the Triple Alliance … were the battalions separating blacks, Indians and gauchos and using them as cannon fodder, not only to attack Paraguay, but also to commit a covert genocide? Is it true that killed 90% of the male population of Paraguay and occupied the country for 2 years after its defeat to blow up all the industries they had ?.

Is everything that is said about the schools and Sarmiento true or was it all the work of its Minister of Education, Nicolás Avellaneda? Actually … how many schools did Sarmiento founded? … if they take the trouble to find out, they will get a little surprise.



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