Enchilado de Camarones Nitza Villapol


Today we bring this rich recipe Enchilado de Camarones Nitza Villapol, please remember that the ingredients and preparation method are from 1956. Some of the ingredients are no longer used today. The recipes created by Nitza Villapol were not only long ago, they were also in difficult times in Cuba. In the middle of the special period where there was a great lack of food. Today I bring you this recipe that is a relic for me, I have prepared it many times and I never get tired of enjoying the delicious flavor of these breaded shrimp.

As I was saying, in Cuba there was a great need and shortage of food, it was very difficult for Nitza to stop in front of the television camera to cook for Cubans. They were difficult times and there was no need to prepare food. She managed to find alternatives, therefore I repeat that this recipe was good for her time. In these times the chef already uses other types of food, for example at that time they used shortening to cook. Oil is used today, but I'm not here to give you cooking lessons. I will shortly give you the ingredients of the recipe breaded shrimp and the Preparation method as it appears in the book.

De Nitza Villapol Biography

For those who do not know who is Nitza Villapol Andiarena, I leave a short biography extracted from wikipedia, below I will leave the link for those who wish to read it full, it is in English but you can translate it, I will take the work of translating this brief introduction that I will share below:

Who was Nitza Villapol Andiarena?

November 20 of the year 1923 – September 20 of the year 1998) was a chef and teacher, also a writer of cookery books and a Cuban television presenter. Some have called her the Cuban Julia Child for her abilities to teach the arts of cooking. Born in New York of Cuban immigrants, Villapol lived in New York until the age of 11, after the collapse of the Machado regime. It is not clear in history if he studied nutrition at the University of London in the early 1940s, or if he went to Harvard and MIT in the 1950s, or if he finished his doctorate in Havana in 1955. In the decade of 1950,

Villapol's cooking style goes back to his mother

His mother, Juana Andiarena, who was a woman qualified as a feminist who believed that women should not spend more time than necessary in the kitchen. This explains his practical and quick approach to cooking. In addition, Villapol's cooking program was only sponsored by the Cuban government after the Revolution. Which means that he had few food products to work with, like most Cubans of the time. Villapol published a second version of Cocina al Minuto (1991) to help teach its readers how to deal with the scarce availability of food in the market. In general, his interest in cooking was for educational purposes. She wanted to convey important information about cooking to the Cuban population and help improve their health.

In the 1954 edition of his cookbook, Villapol includes many nutritional guidelines and frames his meal plans around the dietary recommendation.

Nitza Villapol was very famous in Cuba for her Cuban cookbooks

Kitchen to the minute (1950). From 1948 to 1997, Nitza had its own Cuban television program. Among the oldest programs of Cuban television. After 1959, Nitza sided with the revolution and continued to be a fixed element in the culture of Cuban cuisine. During the "Special Period" of Cuba in the early 1990s, he demonstrated in his program how to make Cuban recipes in the difficult circumstances of food shortages. Although he came from a wealthy family, his father identified himself as a communist and gave him a Russian name in homage to the Russian revolution. In the footsteps of his father, Villapol made an agreement with Cuban communism. He managed to conquer his audience by cooking within the real limitations of socialism existing in the country.

Two pounds. of shrimp

1/2 cup of oil El Cocinero

one onion

three cloves of garlic

a big chili

1/2 cup of parsley (a little cookie)

a can of tomato sauce

a can of sweet peppers

1/2 cup of ketchup

1 tsp. of Ac'cent

1 teaspoon Mexican sauce

1/2 cup of dry wine

1 1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 tsp. of vinegar

a bay leaf

1 tablespoon. of pepper in grain

1 tablespoon of English sauce

"Clean and wash the shrimp, fry them in hot oil. When they are pink add the ground onion, crushed garlic and ground chili. Let everything soften a little. Add the chopped parsley, the ground peppers with water that they bring in the tin, the tomato sauce; catsup, laurel, dry wine, salt, accent, crushed pepper, English sauce and tabasco. Leave them on low heat for about 25 or 30 minutes. Give 6 servings.

shrimp fillet nitza villapol

shrimp fillet nitza villapol

I hope you liked this recipe, if you like the cooking recipes we publish on the site, share and comment, it means a lot to us to know that they like what we are sharing, that way we will know where to go in the future.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitza_Villapol

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