Error in the Gmail storage quota! What to do next?


A error in the Gmail storage quota It can happen to us not very frequent but it happens, in this article I will be explaining about possible storage errors in Gmail and what to do to solve them. Google provides 15 GB of distributed storage as Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail equally. If you use the account Google Through the office or school, you can upgrade to 30 GB of additional storage space. In addition, you can add additional storage space for Gmail, since it is convenient to use the additional limit of 15 GB. Due to the lack of technical knowledge, many users do not know that they can use a limited storage space and, in the event that the storage limit is exhausted, they can not send / receive emails.

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Although some users have limited use of email and, therefore, the storage limit will never exceed for them, but in the case of professional users, the story is different. To avoid the error, try to delete the spam messages and empty the folder from the trash. To get the best results, create an email backup and restart the email account.

If the message 'storage quota exceeded' appears, it is not necessary that the storage limit has exceeded. Before surrendering, users must first verify the storage space and then consider using the Gmail contact number to solve the problem.

Here are some possible causes that show this error message.

1. You can receive this message while sending the email to another Gmail account where the storage limit was exceeded.

2. The filter is sending the email through the full email account.

Incoming mail will not appear in the Inbox if the storage limit has exceeded. Even the Mailer Daemon error occurs when you try to send an email. Follow the steps shared by email specialists over the Internet to correct the quota error exceeded.

one. Verify your email account if you are trying to resend through the 'Mail Settings' and followed by 'Forwarding and POP / IMAP'. If that happens with another account, confirm that your storage space has exceeded its quota.

two. If you are using a filter to send emails through another account, check 'Mail Settings' in the 'Filters' section. Check the storage space limit, if everything is normal.

3. Uncheck the advanced settings if the situation seems critical. You can delete emails from the Trash folder and the Spam folder to remove them completely. Also, try to delete irrelevant emails and download attachments too. It will help you free up storage space in the account.

Four. Apart from that, delete unnecessary data from Google Photos or Google Drive.

5. Setting up your email account with the desktop-based email application may be the best alternative for managing storage space.

6 Consider the beneficial Gmail backup utility in the situation when creating backup copies of email account messages, contacts, calendar files and folders.

To follow the steps under the supervision of a professional, call the Gmail support number and seek direct help regarding the error. Stay updated with the latest trends in updates by email, keep your mail account safe and enjoy without interruptions Gmail customer service.

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