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I've been a fan of Gmail since Google launched the trial version of its free webmail service in 2004. At that time, Google created a stir by offering a gigabyte (GB) of storage, while Microsoft offered a paltry amount of 2 megabytes. (MB) in Hotmail and Yahoo had a limit of 6MB in its free email service. Since then, the two have been updated, and Yahoo now offers unlimited storage, but since I have not approached the use of my 2.8 GB in Gmail in the last two years, I really appreciate the ability to quickly search all of my email . -mail, Yahoo's latest move really was not a big problem for me.

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Google has added features to Gmail since it was introduced three years ago, but many other improvements are available from external developers who have expanded their functionality by writing add-ons in the Firefox browser.

To get these extensions in Firefox, go to the Tools menu and choose Add-ons, then click on the link Get extensions in the lower right corner of the pop-up window. This opens the add-ons page Mozilla Firefox where you can find the extensions you need. Once you find them, click on the Install Now button and Firefox will download and install it, and it will be available the next time you turn on the browser.

These are some of the best Gmail extensions

Better Gmail Most extensions do one thing, but Better Gmail includes 25 new features in Google's mail service, making it a must-have for all serious Gmail users. These features include the integration of Google Reader for RSS feeds; icons that indicate at a glance the type of attachment; a bar chart of the storage space used and remaining; a message preview panel that can be activated by right clicking on an email entry; new sidebar options; more keyboard shortcuts; and masks that change the appearance of Gmail, including a very clear imitation of the Mac email client. (Another extension, Gmail Skins, allows you to choose the color of your inbox, but I found it problematic). One caveat: the version of Better Gmail on the Mozilla plugin site is old and does not have all the latest features. The most recent version (0.8) can be found on the Lifehacker site (only on Google "Better Gmail").

Gmail Administrator

Gmail Manager can notify you of incoming mail in several accounts Gmail. Running the mouse pointer over the mail indicator in the lower right corner of the browser window reveals details about the account, including unread messages, saved drafts, amount of storage used, and fragments of any new mail. As an added benefit, you can also use Gmail Manager to have the mail to the links on any web page open a Gmail copywriting form. While this function is also available in Better Gmail, I prefer the Gmail Manager approach, because it first asks which of the multiple accounts you would like to use to send the email.


This extension allows you to use your Gmail account to store files. After installation, a Gspace item appears on the Tools menu. When you choose it, it opens a tab that allows you to log in to your Gmail account and copy files to and from it. This works like Gmail Drive in Windows, gDisk in Mac or GmailFS for Linux, but because it is based on the browser, Gspace It will work on any of the three platforms.

Not all websites have a link that allows you to quickly send a page to a friend by email. This extension, originally called Gmail this! now it's compatible with Hotmail Y Yahoo Mail as well. Simply right-click on an empty place on a page and choose Send this by email and choose which service you want to use. The extension opens a new email form with the link already pasted in the body of the email message.

Even without these improvements, Gmail is an excellent customer of email based on the Web. With them installed, it is difficult to overcome.

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