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Gmail is the name of the service email driven by the Internet giant Google. It started in 2004, but at that time it was only in its beta version and was only available through invitations. Even then, the madness for obtaining it was great. After three years, the company made the service free for all, although it continued in its beta version. The final version as we see it today was ultimately launched in 2009. Since then, Google has made certain changes to Gmail, including its appearance, but the level of service and its functions remain the same.


Over time, Google integrated its email service with its other services, as well as acquisitions. This made the popularity of Gmail will shoot up to even higher levels, and by 2012, Gmail had become a world leader in terms of number of users of its services, surpassing the previous leader Hotmail, a service email driven by another computer giant, Microsoft. . As of 2012, Gmail It had more than 425 million users.

A Gmail account offers you some of the best features you can request. To begin with, a user gets an initial 10 GB email storage space, which continues to grow over time. Then you have the option to chat directly from your inbox, since GTalk it comes integrated with it. You can also read the news from Google, watch YouTube videos, create a blog on Blogger and do much more, and with the same username you have for your Gmail! It sounds amazing, right?

There are times when you may experience some problem with your Gmail account. The type and complexity of one of these problems may vary significantly from another, however, attention to any of them will always be necessary, so you may need extensive information about the support options you can use when necessary. .

Google is also a separate class when it comes to offering some really good technical support services. For those who have a free Gmail account, they can contact Gmail Support via email or they can use the Gmail Help modules that are available on their website. Those with a premium Google account can also get access to instant support services, such as telephone support.

You could also consider using third-party support services, which work independently of Google, but offer the same type of services.

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