History of the Argentine flag.


The Argentina's flag It was adopted on February 12, 1812 and is twice as wide as it is high. It consists of three equally wide horizontal strips of cerulean blue and white, alternating. The three stripes on the flag were designed by Manuel Belgrano, who was the leader of the Argentine revolution against Spain. Argentina did not claim the independence of Spain until 1816.

What does the Argentine flag symbolize?

There are conflicting opinions about the meaning of the argentine flag. One theory is that the fringes are intended to represent the separation of the blue sky to reveal the white clouds that are said to have occurred when the liberation demonstration began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on May 25, 1810. Another theory states that the blue stripes represent the Rio de la Plata (Silver River), which is the widest river in the world and the white stripe represents the silver metal, since the word Argentina originates in the Latin word & # 39; Argentum & # 39; what silver means The first conquerors believed that there were large amounts of silver hidden on the banks of the rivers of the Rio de la Plata.

The design in the center of the banner is called "Sun of May" and it was added to the flag in 1818. El Sol de Mayo, is a replica of an engraving in the first Argentine coin approved in 1813, whose value was a Spanish dollar. The May Sun is golden yellow, usually represented by one face, and has thirty-two alternating straight and wavy rays. It is said to follow the model of the symbol of Inti, the Inca god of the Sun, although Argentina had little contact with the Incas.

The label of the argentine flag It is very strict and it is essential that the rules and protocols of the flag are followed correctly. One of the rules of etiquette stipulates the order of precedence of the flag, which includes the National Flag of Argentina, the State Flag of Argentina, the Military Flag of Argentina and other flags of the country. Argentina also imposes strict laws on the handling and display of the national flag that includes the right kind of wood for the flagpole. The day of the flag in Argentina is celebrated on June 20, which is the anniversary of the death of Manuel Belgrano.

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