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How to log in to Hotmail It is a question that we ask ourselves frequently, especially if we are not very skilled using the email, but do not worry, when you finish reading this article you will have already learned how to open your hotmail email, how to register a Hotmail email on your cell phone or computer. Do not be afraid if your traditional email account ends in @ and you can not find any website with this name. Microsoft has for quite some time joined Outlook and Hotmail to save emails, user accounts and data under the umbrella itself. Therefore, every time you write to log in to Hotmail in Google, you will see an Outlook login page. Do not fear, it is not a robbery or something drastically different. It continues being the same mail service of all the life. Although its design has varied if you have not checked the emails for a long time.

In this section I will clarify step by step how to log in to your Hotmail email account through the Outlook web. A procedure that has been incorporated in a completely natural way and that follows with the same mechanics, although its size is something different. This way you will be able to check your usual Hotmail inbox.

And, if what you have is an Outlook email account, then there is no doubt. This is your service, heteronymous and vacant to start session at any time and place to check your messages.

Do not forget that both Outlook and Hotmail is the same mail service of Microsoft Corp. With similar peculiarities, faculties and design. The only inequality is that Hotmail email accounts have more of a tradition, since it is a service with more life spans and that I migrate to a new project, reconstructed and redesigned, which changed to being called Outlook. Here we will show you how to start session in Outlook and Hotmail. Follow these steps to the letter.

Open Internet browser

The first thing you have to do is open the Internet browser on duty. We recommend for speed and comfort is Google Chrome ( "Internet browser "), which is also the most developed browser in the last abriles. But we can also use Internet Explorer or Edge, the two of Microsoft Corp, with a similar operation, which only replaces the design and largely the skill of use. They are compatible as long as we have an Internet connection in our computer.

Hotmail on Google

Put Hotmail in the Google Finder

We can benefit the Google search to simply put the term Hotmail at. In this way, the results of the search bring us right to the official addresses of the mail service of Microsoft Corp.

The 1st, the most appropriate, is that of, where you must agree that you can start a session with your Hotmail email account even if the names are different.

Hotmail results in Google

Another less fast choice is to click on the search result with the term Hotmail. It will be more familiar, but it is the news website of Here you will be able to look at the news and get access to different services from Microsoft Corp. If you look, in the bar above, you will see that it shows the Outlook tab. It is the mail, where you will be able to start session with your Hotmail email account.

TRICK: Click on the first result in the search with the term Hotmail to save you clicks and time when finding the main login page. It does not matter whether it's for Outlook or Hotmail.

Somehow we get to the main Hotmail / Outlook login page. Here we should click on the blue button that says Start Session. We went that way to another web page, with a nice background, and a box where put the Hotmail email o Outlook (you know, your address ended at @ or at @, your phone # (if you have previously associated it with your account) or even your user of the Skype video call platform.

Login Hotmail

After putting the user, you have to write the key, that should not be missing. Do not forget that it is a secret key that no one else should have for reasons of protection. And it can give you access to many other similar services with your email account. So try to ensure that no one else can understand this information, or remove it in the meantime you enter it into the service to start a session in your Outlook or Hotmail email account.

Hotmail password

All that remains is to press the button Begin Session. And ready. In two seconds you will completely see your inbox of your Hotmail or Outlook email account. No matter the name of the domain, the layout, functions to answer and attach files or the probability of having a full calendar is vacant for both account models.

Hotmail is Outlook

If you are a user, preferably a telephone, as Internet statistics show that has been going on for some days, you will probably prefer Log in to Hotmail or Outlook right from this device. At any time and place. Well, you can do it willingly in two ways.

Microsoft Outlook App

TRICK: Use the Microsoft Outlook app. It's worth it for its performance, design and additional functions. The web version of Hotmail / Outlook, although accustomed to phones, is not so well suited to use.

The 1st would be reincidiendo what looked at the computer. In other words, through the Internet browser that you have installed on your mobile. It could also be Google Chrome ( "Internet Browser ") if you have an Android phone, but also is open for iPhone phones. That way you're just going to have to use the Google search engine and type the term Hotmail to find different search results. Decide by the 1st to find the Outlook home page, where to click on the button Begin Session. The following steps are repeated: put the completed email account in @ or @, and then the password. Once you click on the Start Session button you will have the web version of Hotmail or Outlook vacant to check your mail.

Hotmail on mobile

The 2nd choice, more affluent and accustomed to your phone, is to benefit the Microsoft Corp email app called Microsoft Outlook. Again, do not forget that all Microsoft Corp email services (Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, etc.) are included under the Outlook brand. It is a free app vacant in both Google Play Store for Android phones, and in the App Store if you have an iPhone phone. You just have to download it and start it for the first time to configure your mail and get access to your messages. By the way, the best thing about the application is that it lets you process some email accounts at the same time. So, if you have different, it is the most appropriate choice to have them always at hand.

Log in to Hotmail

Once you start the app you will find the same login window mentioned below. I mean, you're going to have to put your Outlook or Hotmail email to identify yourself as a user. And, later, the key. Once you start the session, you will be able to see the emails in your inbox, adapted to the proportion and size of your phone's screen. All with a clean and easy design to not miss out on the completely primordial: the data you receive and send through this tool.

Sign in Hotmail in Microsoft Outlook

Using the Microsoft Outlook app additionally incorporates some advantages over the rest of the platforms that we have looked at in this section. One of them is power have all your email accounts Hotmail, Outlook, Microsoft Office and even Gmail of Google in this tool. Enough with browsing the main menu and access Settings, where you can add all the additional accounts that you prefer to process from the same app. So afterwards you're just going to have to jump from one to the other in the side menu to look at all the inboxes. But also has quick gestures to organize, save or remove emails from the reception tray, without having to access the subject and find the Save button or the Delete button. Finally, it incorporates a calendar where you can record tasks, meetings, appointments and any event that we want notifications or keep updated.

Extra features of Microsoft Outlook

In conclusion, if you can or want to select, the most practical and complete choice is to check your email right through the phone with the Microsoft Outlook app. And is that the additional services as push notifications When you receive a new incoming email it makes a difference. Although for this you have to download the app and put your email account Outlook or Hotmail a 1st time initially.

As mentioned at the beginning of this section, Hotmail email accounts have a history. The service it started operating on July 4, 1996, among the 1st free Internet webmail services. Little or nothing had to look with the giant Microsoft until 1997, when the company acquired the Hotmail mail service for 400 million dollars (about 353 million euros today). This purchase brought its first change of nomenclature for Hotmail, becoming known as MSN Hotmail when entering inside the package of services MSN of Microsoft Corp.

from Hotmail to Outlook

Microsoft Corp's services continued to grow and change over time and with the growth of its Windows operating systems. Therefore, time later, Hotmail was renamed Windows Live Hotmail, along with other Windows Live services such as the well-known Messenger. A somewhat hectic stage since the changes and improvements led to many users losing a large portion of emails.

Later, in 2004, and before the great competition for the arrival of Google Gmail, Microsoft made the decision to return to renew the service. In fact warned of the disappearance of Hotmail and the arrival of Outlook. Yes, everything was accommodated for users, since they would have the convenience of having their account @ to the new domains @ if it is in case they wanted it. I was also going to allow the Hotmail email accounts to remain untouched even if they were to be used in the Outlook service, as we have seen in this section. The best thing is that neither the accounts nor the stored emails have been lost in this union and change of brand. Everything continues the same, but changing under the umbrella of Outlook, with a design that continues to update to give the taste to users who seek ease and effectiveness.

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