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Surely you know, Google is currently leader regarding Internet and telecommunications services. His options have transcended those of a simple search engine, and he has managed to develop operating systems as well as Android for telephones, televisions and other equipment, and at the same time, has extensions of different functions for users.

Gmail mail is just 1 of the many services offered by the giant Google, which basically deals with mail. You have managed to move other mail services like Yahoo! or Hotmail, and currently manages to satisfy the fundamental needs of users, and even go beyond them.

You may be in this mail creation website because you need:

It is one of the sites with the largest number of people registered, not only for the fact of belonging to Google, but for the great ease of design and ease of use, no doubt, Log in to Gmail, there is the option to connect faster with other services of the company, such as Youtube, Google Drive, Blogspot, among many others.

As we mentioned earlier, Gmail is very easy to use, and its inbox allows you to perform different functions that go far beyond just sending and receiving emails. Now let's talk a little bit about the main tasks it offers from the moment we start.

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Typical and not so typical functions of Gmail.com mail

We do not only refer to sending and receiving emails. We can also organize them in order of priority, sort through labels, configure our spam tray, customize your design with predetermined themes offered by the same platform and even download add-ons to improve our user experience making everything very easy and fun. This, not to mention an excellent chat that we can also configure to talk with our live contacts.

Availability of Gmail for phones

With the continuous advances that are seen year after year in what refers to telecommunications, mail providers lost no time and launched their applications for mobile devices. Gmail is one of the best, leaving almost all the functions from a computer, but from the tremendous comfort of using your Smartphone and without mentioning that this great company "Google" is the creator of Android, one of the operating systems for telephone most popular and used cell phone in the world.

Without a doubt, this is among the best benefits of having an account in Gmail. We know that for some time now the weight of the most common files, such as audios, videos, images or PDF documents tend to be heavier, which sometimes makes the process of sending them difficult. With Google Drive the limits are over when sharing heavy files (over 24 megabytes) by mail. With the advantage that you can use it from your phone or computer.

To enjoy all the features of this e-mail platform, you must create account in Gmail. It will be difficult for some to have to register to Gmail, but it is certainly a very easy process and now we are going to explain step by step how to do it.

  1. The 1st step is to go to the Google home page.
  2. Immediately afterwards there, we will click on the Gmail option found in the upper part of the page. This will direct us to the window for the login in Gmail, in which we will see two boxes in which we will enter our email and password.
  3. We are going to click on More options found under these boxes, where a menu will appear in which the Create Gmail account option will appear. We are going to click on it.
  1. The explorer will direct us to 1st page titled Create your Google account. On the right side of the window, we will see some boxes where we can enter all the data they ask for the creation of our Gmail mail. When we complete, we will click Next.
  1. Then a window will appear with the Google Service Policies and Terms, which we should read and if they agree, they will click on "I agree" located at the end.

There is a point worthy of mention at the time of making an account in Gmail and any other website, and is that the probability of indicating an alternate mail or a # phone, can be very useful in the case that at some point You may have problems accessing your account.

After creating the account in Gmail, we will enter the platform and enjoy the Gmail email service and all its excellent add-ons. As such, the next step is simply Sign in to Gmail. As you will be able to notice continuity, it is extremely easy and fast.

  1. Again we are going to locate in the initial page of Google.
  2. Immediately afterwards there, we are going to click on the Start Gmail session button that can be found at the top. This will direct us to the window of Login.
  3. We are going to enter in the box corresponding to the email account that we created and the key that we chose for her, we are going to click on login.
  4. Once this is done we will be able to enjoy all the features offered by the email provider Gmail.

It is a fact that many people save themselves the task of having to continuously enter their email and have to remember their password all the time. But despite this, there are going to be situations in which, for a reason, we are going to close it or try to access it from another computer and we will need to enter it again. But, What happens if we can not remember our password?

This is not a problem, because the creators of Gmail are aware of these situations. Google particularly offers a variety of options for recover your account in Gmail; These are based on the data that you have entered in your registry. If it has happened to you, do not worry, we'll explain shortly how to recover your mail.

  1. We will enter as we usually do, to the initial page of Google.
  2. In it, we will click on the Gmail option found in the top right, and this will direct us to the page for log in on the platform.
  3. Once we are in the window of Login, we will enter our email and then we will click Next.
  4. A new box will appear in which we must enter our password. Since that is our problem that we are trying to solve, we are going to click on the option have you forgotten your password? that is below the very one.
  1. This will direct us to a window in which we will be asked to enter a password that we have used later for that same mail. In case this option is not very useful (maybe we are too bad to remember the passwords), we can try another way.
  1. When you press this button, you will direct us to a window where we will send a verification code to the alternate mail that we specify in the registration data in Gmail. If you can do this, it will be enough to review it and write it in the box to follow replace the Google key.
  1. In case this does not work for us either, we can try another way, once again. When you click on this option, you will direct us to another window where you are going to ask us when we create the Google account that we are trying to access, if you manage to specify the month and year of creation. If we can do it, the next step will be to replace our key.

As you can notice, there are different methods through which you can recover our Gmail email account. In the vast majority of cases, the option that gives the best results is the sending of the verification code to the alternative email address or to a telephone number, but this is up to each person.

Very good, I recommend you when you create your Gmail account, write down the data on your computer or some safe and accessible site for you and that way you can skip these last steps. I hope this article has been useful, if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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