March of the Falklands


March of the Malvinas

After his blanket of mists,
We must not forget them.

"The Malvinas, Argentinas!",
the wind cries out and the sea roars.

Nor of those horizons
our teaches have to start,
for his target is in the mountains
and in its blue the sea is dyed.

By absent, by expired
under strange flag,
no more loved soil;
of the country in the extension!

Who speaks to us here of oblivion,
of resignation, of forgiveness? …
No more dear soil,
of the country in the extension.

Break the mantle of mists,
As a sun, our ideal:
"The Malvinas, Argentinas
in domain already immortal "!

And before the sun of our emblem,
pure, clear and triumphant,
shine oh Homeland !, in your diadem
the lost austral pearl.

For the honor of our emblem
for national pride,
shine oh Homeland !, in your diadem
the lost austral pearl.

Carlos Obligado lyrics
Music by José Tieri


It was composed in 1939 by the call of the "Recovery Board of the Falklands" and selected after a contest.

On June 10 of each year, the designation of the first Argentine Governor in the Malvinas Islands was commemorated on June 10, 1829. Luis Vernet was appointed, who was taken prisoner on January 4, 1833 by the British when they took them by force.

On April 2, 1982, the Argentine Republic invaded the Falkland Islands taking possession by force and generating a war with Great Britain. Our country surrenders on June 14, 1982. Every 2nd of April the Sovereignty of Argentina is commemorated on the Malvinas Islands and the South Atlantic Islands.



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