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The monotony along with the same routine as always, we know that they do not usually lead to good places. Neither in virtual life nor in real life. But not being monotonous in social networks can be relatively easy. For the virtual world, there are some tricks to get out of the monotony of the day: Have you ever changed the fonts (or fonts) in one of your tweets, in an Instagram photo, in a Facebook post or your messages? in Youtube? From now on your content can be more striking with a few simple changes!

How to change the sources in Social Networks

The process to be able change the default typography of social networksIt is very simple and it will not take you more than a few minutes.

Option 1: Find a font that you like

The first thing you should do is search and find some type of letter that you like. You can find many here nice letters to copy and paste, and use in your networks easily.

Option 2: Use a Unicode text converter

If copy and paste the sources is not enough, you can use a text converter, easy to find from the search engines.

A box will appear where you must enter the text. You will have to write the text exactly as you are going to publish it in your Facebook profile, or Twitter, so it is advised that you have already thought about your publication, and click on the show button.

Select the source that you like most for your publication, so consider what you are going to talk about in it.

On Instagram too

It is no longer necessary to download applications to change the source of Instagram. It is no longer necessary to take a photo, modify the filters and start writing about the common background that we all use to tell stories. It seems that, and it was about time, Instagram "listen to the people".

But from now Instagram enabled the option to modify the text font, although only with four options: modern, neon, typewriter and strong. In addition, he also implemented the option of the direct text post, without having to take a black photo, place a filter and then start writing.

To write with another source, all you have to do is select the "Type of letter" option. There we can appreciate the different backgrounds and all we have to do is place the text.

Why modify sources in networks?

As we mentioned, the monotony in social networks is a danger. If any user perceives that the tweets or posts of an account are always identical, either in the contents or in the formats, there is a good chance that he will pass over that message without reading it because he probably already imagines what he will find.

Using other lyrics for Instagram or any other of the social networks can benefit you for two things: the first is that using different and striking letters you will get more attention from your audience, you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competition, and you will add more points to get followers; the second and not least, is that the vast majority of users who see your posts and your different and original lyrics on Instagram, will want to know how you did it to do them, too, and They will talk about your account with their friends to show it to you.



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