The hidden secrets of Argentina


Argentina is a country full of mystery and charm. The name itself comes from the Latin word for silver. You could ask why a country was named after silver? Well, the answer is simple: until today there is a rumor that somewhere hidden in the depths of this country there is a mountain of silver. How interesting, right? Argentina is home to many other hidden gems that have not yet been touched by the world. Therefore, if you plan to go on a getaway to get rid of the daily tests, we recommend you visit Argentina and visit these places. Get a cheap plane ticket and fly to these places right now!

1. Salinas Grand
It is very difficult to choose a single place in Argentina that will impress the tourists. The reason is that, in general, everything in Argentina has the ability to capture the hearts of its visitors and leave a lasting impression forever. However, Salinas Grandesis is something that will definitely be about the hidden gems of Argentina. It is a large flat region made of salt in the center of northern Argentina. It is said that this place is more than 150 meters above sea level and is located at the foot of the famous mountain range of the Sierras de Córdoba in Argentina.

2. Hill of the seven colors

Or how the locals like to call it Cerro de los Siete ColoresIt is another hidden gem in Argentina that people do not usually visit when they go. The range of colors that you can see when you go here is huge and that is what makes this place even more attractive to the eye. Apart from that, it is said that this place has been here for centuries. Its origins go back to 90 million years ago. The hill has 7 different types of deposits that give us the complex range of colors that we can see.

3. Ushuaia

This place is known throughout the world as the southernmost city that is habitable. This place has a lot to offer tourists in terms of entertainment. You can visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park and the Bay of Lapataia, which will surely make you smile and make you feel happy. You can easily travel to the park using the highway or even the end of the world train that is available in the city center from there.

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