Tips for planning a ski trip to Chile and Argentina


To beat the summer sun of North America and Europe, South America or especially Chile and Argentina are the destinations to which you must go. To get the perfect combination of snow holidays, Latin nightlife, food, shopping and much more, the Argentine San Carlos de Bariloche, on the edge of the Andes Mountains, it is the ideal place to be. With irregular peaks and innumerable lakes, Bariloche It is a great place for ski expeditions.

To visit Bariloche It should be on the top of your list of things to do, when you are in South America. You can enjoy the lines without tracking through trees, cliffs, ramps and bowls in the largest complex in South America, Cerro Catedral. Cerro Catedral is known for its high levels of unimaginable skiing possibilities. This is where you have the opportunity to ski with the best cyclists and backcountry skiers in this field, such as Michelle Parker, James Heim, Chris Coulter and Natalie Gough and others to get a part of your soft powder landing.

Other places to visit

Snowy valley: This Chilean ski resort offers the largest ski landscape in South America. This place, which has almost 2,000 acres of land, enjoys 260 days of sunshine per year. The only high-speed quad chairlift in Chile is available here, along with the only heli-ski owner in the country, located in the same resort.

The Lenas: Las Lenas de Argentina offers one of the steepest, longest and probably deepest slopes in the world. Freeskiers of the great mountain are in the Silla Marte, which is the highlight of the place. You can stay in a luxury room at the Hotel Piscis or at the Hotel Virgo or share an apartment with 7 other skiers. To enjoy the wonderful clubs here, remember to bring extra clothes.

Portillo: This hotel in Chile has a long history of skiing due to its deep and steep peaks. You can take a chairlift and cross the international highway and take a ski tour through the lake, where the ski lines are absolutely beautiful. When you stay here, get ready to enjoy the cocktail hour marked by international glamor.

Ski volcanoes: the mountains of the Andes harbor many perfect volcanoes. Get a good and certified ski guide or take advantage of the excursion packages of the guide company to enjoy these volcanic peaks of Argentina and Chile.

The ideal places to ski in Argentina are Beaver, or Caviahue Y La Hoya. The best time to visit the Andes for skiing is from mid-July or from the beginning of September to the end of August. This is spring, but the snowfall is great during this time. Although the cities of Argentina and Chile rent all the technical equipment for your skiing experience, it is better to bring your own equipment.

Sometimes, these areas experience strong winds or powder snowstorms, especially if you are skiing in the south of the Patagonia. Be careful against these natural obstacles and enjoy your stay in Chile and Argentina, drinking cheap wines, malbecs from Argentina and carmeneres from Chile, and savoring delicious meats such as seafood and barbecue. You can also take tours in the vineyards of the Salta Region, Patagonian Lakes, and in the areas of Mendoza and Santiago.

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