Trip to Argentina in two weeks


Day 1: arrive in Buenos Aires, the capital city and let them start their holidays in Argentina.

Day 2 and 3: explore Buenos Aires, there is enough to keep you busy for a couple of days and, if not, take the boat to Montevideo for a day.

Day 4 to 7: fly to Ushuaia, which is the southernmost city in Argentina and the closest place in the world, can reach Antarctica without having to board an expensive ship for several days. Expect it to be cold, but be sure to visit the penguins, navigate the Beagle Channel and explore the impressive Tierra del Fuego National Park, a high point of any holiday in Argentina.

Day 7 to 10: jump aboard a plane to El Calafate, home to glaciers and a magnificent view to see in your travel to Argentina. Navigate to Perito Moreno and his less famous glacier brothers, walk on the ice and climb, take pictures until the memory card is full and just fall in love with this incredible area.

Day 10 to 13: Continue towards IguazĂș in the north, along the border with Brazil. The weather will change from cold, ice and snow to tropical sunscreen. The falls here take a day on each side to fully explore. The Brazilian side is the panoramic view, far away but close enough to appreciate the size of this incredible natural environment, while the Argentine side is up close and personal. Walk the trails to the top of the largest and largest waterfall, then watch the river turn from the still and almost motionless water to a torrent of tons of water that thunders over the edge before crashing underneath. Argentine Tour

Day 13 – 14: All those traveling to Argentina must take a night bus, and it is an easy way to return to Buenos Aires. They have one of the best national routes in the world and, as there are no railway networks, the buses are brilliant. Buses have 5 comfort categories established by law by the government, so you can guarantee what you will get. Taking the top class bus is like flying in business class with meals and drinks, movies shown throughout the trip and seats that recline completely on a flat bed. Choose this option to travel to Argentina in style!

Day 14: Now, back in Buenos Aires, head to the airport to take the flight home or spend one more night (I recommend it) to enjoy a fantastic final steak and a delicious glass of red wine.

Here we go, an adventure full of action of two weeks in Argentina! If you prefer a slower place, simply add an extra night in each place to relax!

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